KA Training

Buying our courses

Courses are available for purchase and immediate use upon receipt of payment - through PayPal. You may use your credit/debit card if you do not have a PayPal account. Once you have purchased a course it will appear on your 'My Courses' page for use at your leisure.

What you get when you buy a course

All our courses are broken down into chapters and lessons. The chapters representing a topic area of the tuition programme.

Each lesson is supported by a video and you either create a document from scratch or you will be told which file to open. You can then watch a section of video, pause it and work with the downloaded resources and then continue onwards or go back to watch it again.

The downloadable resources are available as a single ZIP file download on your course page when logged in.


Once you have watched approximately 80% of the course a certificate will be available to print out.

Click an icon to view courses

Select the course area which you are interested in above and then select the exact course from the list to view the course content.

There will be an option to buy the course on that page.

Feedback & Rating

We value feedback and would kindly ask you to rate our video lessons and provide any feedback which you think may be helpful to us and to others.