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KA Training Services - On site computer training

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EXCEL .... Can you Yes No Need Help     
create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel?
do simple formulae – add, subtract, multiply, divide
use autofill and autosum
work with ranges
work out percentages and statistics - max, min, average
use absolute references
print effectively using print preview and page preview
create bar charts and pie charts using Chart Wizard
use if functions
work with multiple sheets in a workbook, and link them
Link workbooks
sort columns and lists
use group and outline functions
use the dataform function
get automatic subtotals in lists
use Pivot Tables to display data
use lookup tables - vlookup & hlookup
protect workbooks and cells
use hyperlinks
use Conditional Formatting
use countif, sumif, nested ifs
use the Text functions within Excel
use the Forecasting function with Goal Seek
create simple macros
Add details here of any other functions in Excel  you wish to cover
POWER POINT .... Can you Yes No Need Help     
create and edit slides
format text for headings and bullets
import text from Word or elsewhere
create drawings using autoshapes
import clipart and change the clipart
import pictures or photos from your PC or internet
use pictures for watermarks or backgrounds
create organisation charts & use other smart art features
create, edit and format tables
create graphs and pie charts
use grouping and ungrouping functions & work with layers
apply templates and backgrounds
use the master slide
create a slide show
add special effects to it
add sound to a continual photograph display
Add details here of any other functions in PowerPoint  you wish to cover
WORD .... Can you Yes No Need Help     
create, format, save, open, print and close documents
cut, copy, paste , format text
use bullets and numbering features effectively
create and amend tables
use the tables and borders toolbar efficiently
use tabs effectively – left, centre, right, decimal, dot leaders
add pictures, graphics and diagrams into your documents and get text to flow around
use columns, page borders and images
use shortcut keys
print envelopes and labels
do a mail merge
set up a template
use Headers and Footers on a document
use Styles and Table of Contents in longer documents
Add details here of any other functions in Word  you wish to cover
OUTLOOK .... Can you Yes No Need Help     
use email effectively
attach files to an email message
send emails to groups
use a personal address book as well as the global address book
use signatures
use the calendar functions
look at someone else’s calendar
use housekeeping facilities – create folders, move messages, delete messages
Add details here of any other functions in Outlook you wish to cover
WINDOWS .... Can you Yes No Need Help     
use windows confidently 
copy & paste between different files/software
create a shortcut on the desktop
backup your work
create and store files in folders and retrieve them
find files you may have misplaced
shut down the computer properly
Add details here of any other function in Windows you wish to cover
INTERNET .... Can you Yes No Need Help     
search the internet for information effectively
add information and pictures from the internet to your documents

Add details here of any other aspects of Internet Operation you wish to cover

Please describe any other computer needs you may have

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